Library Manual


Gateway Access

  • Cataloging istribution Service
  • Cornell University Library
  • Gateway Access
  • LIBROS Consortium Libraries
  • MCW Libraries Catalog(Medical College of Wisconsin )
  • NationalLibrary of Medicine Database
  • OhioLink Central Catalog (Ohio Library and Information Network)
  • Online Catalog
  • Orbis(Orbis is a library catalog that combines information from 20 academic
    libraries into a single unified database.)
  • University of Arizona Library

  • Resource Services Tools for Cataloging

    Tools for library staff

  • MARC Code List for Languages
  • Mapmachine
  • Resource Services Tools for Cataloging
  • The American Library Association
  • Use capital letters
  • world health organization :WHO Material

  • Library of Congress

  • Library Services
  • Cataloging
  • American Library Association
  • Links to Library Web Resources

  • Aggregate Pages of Interest

  • Cataloger's Reference Shelf (The Library Corporation)
  • LibrarySpot (StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.)
  • Cataloger's Reference Shelf (Stanford University Libraries)
  • Internet Sites of Interest to Catalogers (Stanford University Libraries)
  • TPOT: Technical Processing Online Tools (UCSD Libraries)
  • Princeton Cataloging Division Home Page
  • MIT Libraries Cataloging Oasis
  • QTECH Web (Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario)
  • Columbia University Libraries, Library Web
  • Internet Library for Librarians (created by Vianne Tang Sha)

  • Examples of Cataloging Documentation

  • Cataloging Cheat Sheet (Created by: J. McRee Elrod)
  • Initial Articles (Princeton)
  • LC Weekly Subject Headings List
  • LC Cutter Tables (QTech)
  • LCSH/DDC Numbers of Current Interest (lists subject headings and corresponding Dewey nos.)
  • LC Classification System (The Mining Company -- breakdown of LC classifications)
  • Regions and Countries Cutter Table (Princeton)
  • MARC Documentation (Princeton)
  • Language Resources

  • Human Languages Page (a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources)
  • Scholastic Language Identifier
  • Cataloging Foreign Language Materials
  • A Web of Online Dictionaries
  • travlang's Translating Dictionaries

  • Internet Cataloging Resources

  • Internet Cataloging Project Home Page (sponsored by OCLC)
  • Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide (Nancy Olson, editor)
  • Cataloging Internet Resources Project (University of Buffalo Libraries)
  • OCLC Guidelines on the Choice of Type and BLvl for Electronic Resources

  • Lists of Web-based Catalogs

  • WebCats: Library Catalogues on the World Wide Web (created by Peter Scott and Doug Macdonald)
  • Libraries Online (LibrarySpot)
  • Yahoo's Libraries Page
  • Columbia University Digital Library Collections
  • Princeton University Library Catalogs
  • Web-browsable online public access catalog of the University of California at Berkeley Library
  • Library Catalogs arranged by vendor (part of HYTELNET, which will only be available for a little while longer)
  • Center for Research Libraries
  • New York Public Library home page


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    OngKharak Library เพื่อมุ่งสู่ความเป็นห้องสมุดยุคใหม่
    O = Originality : คิดริเริ่มสร้างสรรค์ในสิ่งใหม่ๆ
    K = Knowledge พัฒนาความคิดสร้างสรรค์และการเรียนรู้
    L = Leadership สร้างเสริมคุณลักษณะในการเป็นผู้นำ
    I = Integrity ปฏิบัติหน้าที่ด้วยความซื่อสัตย์สุจริต
    B = Brainstorm  การระดมความคิดจากคนในองค์กร